Hand Drawings

Some examples of hand drawings and rough work to practice shading and line relationships.foot-3  Foot1  Hand-and-skull  Hock1  Skull1  Skull2  skull3  skull4


A collection of sketches to learn marker technique along with other mediums and gain overall control of structured lines.chair1  form1  form2  form3  shadig-8  shading-3  shading-4  shading-5  shading-6  shading-7  shading-9  shading-10  shading-11  shading-12  shading-13  shading-14  shading1  shading2  


I am a highly positive, creative and hard-working post-graduate, currently in my third year of my second BA Honours degree. With emphasis on functional design, I take pleasure in utilizing my background in fine art in an interior design realm. I would love the opportunity to bring creativity, dependability, sustainable and renewable design to your organization.

Please feel free to use the contact form to request information, ask questions, or make contact. I would love to hear from you with regards to new opportunities and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my online portfolio.


Amanda Walter

Technical Skills

I am proficient in AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Photoshop, and am currently learning InDesign and Revit. I am well versed in Windows XP through 8, Mac OSX, and Linux. I also have a solid foundation in Microsoft Office, including Word and Powerpoint, and I am learning Excel and Outlook.

Client Liaison Skills

- Ability to approach and greet clients in a professional and courteous manner in order to provide and maintain company relations

- Good team player with high work ethics, honest and hard working

- Able to adapt in a constantly changing and challenging environment

- Ability to show interest, awareness and understanding for clients’ concerns while ensuring company policies are enforced

- Ability to remain calm and composed while dealing with difficult or abusive clients

- Proficient in designing and developing various presentations

- Dedicated to resolving tasks in a timely and effective manner while being able to multitask other key problems or concerns

- Strong listening and communication skills

Work Experience

West Appleby Paint and Decor

I am currently a certified paint specialist at the Benjamin Moore retailer, West Appleby Paint and Decor in Burlington, Ontario. I have been fortunate enough to experience what it is like to deal with multiple clients such as contractors, decorators, and even designers on a daily basis. This has also given me the opportunity to do in-store colour consultations with customers and assist them in choosing paint colours until they leave the store happy and confident with what we have chosen.

Claffey Photography (CP)

CP is a professional photography company based in Hamilton, Ontario. CP deal in corporate, commercial, industrial, and personal photography. For over two and a half years, I have worked part time as a set designer for commercial photography and staging for hospitality and residential. Skills gained from experience are working under high pressure environments, adapting quickly to a brief, dealing directly with the project manager and client, and attention to detail.


Sheridan College

I am currently a third year Interior Design student. I attend Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. Each year I attend Sheridan, I gain more knowledge of skills I will need to become a successful interior designer. Skills that I have been learning include the use of different softwares such as AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp. I am also able to create technical drawings in accordance with OBC and AODA standards. I have gained many skills I need to plan out successful and thoughtful space design.

Brock University

I previously attended Brock University and graduated with a BA in Visual Arts, with a concentration in curating. Some main focuses of this program were painting, drawing, curating and art history. During my time at Brock, I picked up many skills that have been useful to my interior design path, including space planning, history of architecture, and design trends throughout time. It was through my time at Brock where I realized my passion for interior design.

Wood Frame House Details

The purpose of this assignment was to individually create drawings of a wood framed house, using the Ontario Building Code guidelines. Later, as a group we would create a 3D model built to scale.

Program Used: AutoCAD


Prada Retail Store

The concept for this Prada store is ‘Radical Aristocracy.’ The concept and design was inspired by Prada’s 2014 Spring collection. The purpose of the assignment was to create a trendy design that will remain current for ten years.

Programs Used: AutoCAD, Photoshop, SketchUp

cash-angle-DONE  cash-direct-DONE  change-room-DONE  store-front-DONE  Floor Plan  SECTION-A  SECTION-C  SECTION-D